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However, it has a trial period and you can check it out to decide for yourself. Clementine Clementine is a feature packed open source music player which acts more than just your music player. Apart from Apple music, it seems to support every other platform I have used or even heard of. It also has a remote app for Android phones allowing you to control your music from a distance.

All in all, it is a pretty good software for a free one. Free 4.

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But that is not the only reason it is on our list. Tomahawk is a pretty different music player app and brings its own unique ability to the mix. It does take some time to this though. However, the main focus of Tomahawk is to become a one-stop solution for all of your music needs.

It has plugins for every existing music streaming service provider.

Google Play Music Desktop Player

You can even listen to music directly from YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Also, it is an open source app which is totally free. Free 5. Swinsian Swinsian is a good and full-fledged music player app for your Mac. It can manage even the biggest of music libraries comfortably. If you listen to podcasts, you will appreciate the inbuilt podcast player that comes with the app. I also love its smart playlist feature.

You can create filter based on titles, artists, albums, composer and much more. It is a solid music player which you should try. Musique Musique is another great music player for Mac, which has a simple and modern UI. The controls are pretty simple and easy to get around. It is also available for multiple platforms including Windows and Linux. One thing I like about Musique is its information tab. When you are playing a song, it will give you information about the band and the album to which the song belongs.

It will also display the lyrics of the song. It is totally free to download with an option to donate to developers if you want to. Free 7. It is free to download and use. It supports a number of audio file formats and has features like crossfade and gapless playback. It allows you to drag and drop songs to rearrange them in a queue.

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It can stream the music from Mac to another Mac with Elmedia Player installed with larger speakers connected. Make it your perfect assistant for storing your music collection and easily search through playlists. One specifically convenient feature for audio books, podcasts, extended DJ mixes is being able to bookmark any spot of the file and resume playback whenever needed. Sound becomes dimensional and realistic thanks to Headphone Virtualization feature. Aside from playing, the free 5KPlayer well integrates such functionalities as downloading music online, Airplay streaming music and more.

Use a VPN to get access to any music online. Stay undetected on the web. The website is available in English, German, Japanese and Chinese languages. Fidelia is a classic music player supporting all HD audio formats and offering a great set of audio tools for the optimal experience CanOpenerTM headphone processor, Good DitherTM and sample rate converter from Goodhertz. The apps interface is pretty cool resembling of a high-end radio that shows current track's waveform and has three special effect channels. The player has mute and dim buttons with metadata displays. Fidelia supports AirPlay.

Fidelia easily integrates with iTunes and allows you to work with playlists as well as to play music formats that are not supported by iTunes, e.

2. Audirvana Plus 3

This one is a very simple Mac audio player for all music formats with a friendly and clean interface. Vox offers the the loop option as well as an unlimited cloud space to store your music. This player will work with various audio sources including custom playlists, iTunes library, online radio, etc. Work with it from the main window, Dock menu or main menu controls. To control the playback you can use keyboard media keys, headphone buttons and Apple Remote.

If you want to get advanced features you should activate Vox Premium version. Once installed, Tomahawk scans for and imports the music already on your computer, making it easy to start listening right away. You can also upload any new music through scheduled scans, or by dragging and dropping them in to the Tomahawk library. Tomahawk allows you to sync other music services with it, including Last. When you search for music, Tomahawk sifts through your local music library as well as the services you sync with it, and when a song plays, the app will tell you what source the song is.

These features help Tomahawk stand apart from the bunch. Akin to messaging programs like Trillian that allow you to connect to multiple services with the use of a single application, Tomahawk is perfect for those who want to combine their music services with only one program. Winamp, a child of the 90s, supports most audio formats, as well as CD playback and CD importing.

During installation, Winamp scans your computer for media files and sorts out video and audio, separating them from each other.

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  • Winamp allows for retrieval of cover art, and prompts you to confirm the validity of the cover before uploading. Supported by a dedicated community of users, and a constantly updated forum , Winamp is sure to be a fit for a wide range of music lovers. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Don't Miss. Sony's long-standing interest in virtual reality gives Project Morpheus an edge. Home Theater Hi-res streaming audio service Qobuz arrives in U. Posted 4 days ago — By Simon Cohen.

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